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Tough Times

This is probably my 5th time trying to write a blog insert. Forgive me for being ghost quiet. This past couple of months was one of the hardest times that I had been through.

Let's rewind a little and start where I left off...

The UK was a trip and a half. Everything wasn’t sunshine and roses. I say, if life hands you lemons... make MED-LEMON! (laughs) Last year I was struggling with cold and flu, so that was the story of my life.

If it weren’t from the support I had from my other half, Theuns vd Bank, I think I would have jumped on a plane home. I couldn’t think why I was feeling so down, and tried to reason it out, but nothing made sense. It probably just wasn’t my week(s). It just felt like I had zero form and conditioning.

So to make a VERY long story short, my racing in the UK was not on par at all. I did not feel great, and didn’t perform that well.

None the less it was awesome lining up to the start line with World and Olympic Champions.

After the UK trip, It took me a while to recover (mentally), more than anything else. Once I did, I realized that I learnt a lot and I can keep moving forward.

The year started with a lot of road racing for me to get some more endurance in the legs. I can say it started off slowly... I only managed my first win in February. From there on I got into my winning ways and won quite a number of the road league races. Finishing off the summer season with WP Gold in the Road TT and Gold in the WP Road Race.

In February however, our lives changed so much. Jeanne Nel, a very dear friend and team mate had a very bad accident on one of our local league races on the track. He passed away in the early morning of Wednesday the 12th of February. That night changed our lives so much!

One of the most talented riders I have ever met and got the privilege of riding alongside him representing our country. He was a true gentlemen, a warm heart, had such a huge impact in every single person he touched. He was so humble, he kept his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds. He really inspired all of us to be better at cycling, love, and life. Never take anything for granted. J

The South African National Track Championships will be taking place from the 29th to the 3rd on Durban track. It is only a couple of days left to go and nerves are running high. I will race every day with “Jannie” (Jeanne Nel) on my arm. I have high expectations for the champs, I really hope I can pull it off.

If you are from Durban, or in the area, please come support the trackies at the highest level of SA racing. You will be treated to some AWESOME racing. Follow South African Track and Para-Cycling Championships on facebook for more information.

Thanks for everyone who supported us through the difficult time.

Maak Oop
Maak Toe
Maak Tee

Just one of Jeanne’s sayings.

You will be missed forever Jeanne.


Cheers guys


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