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Welcome to Wales

Greetings from a wet and cold Wales. The last 6 weeks have been like doing a 200m sprint. Hard, flat-out pace which feels like forever but it's over in a instant.

7 weeks ago the SA track team was announced to compete in the 1st of three world cups. The 1st one being held in Manchester, England. When the team got announced, it was still very unclear as to what was going to happen and how everything would work out. As a week or 2 went by, we got more information and things started to fall into place.

In my preparation for the world cup, I did a lot of road racing as at time the track was closed for weeks on end. I managed to win the Lights by Linea overall league. I'm pretty happy with how my road legs started coming around and how I felt in the racing.

In the week before leaving for Wales, I was trying to juggle a training camp, working and getting everything sorted to depart. Unfortunately my body had other ideas and just reminded me that I am indeed human. I got sick on the Thursday and was "man down". I have never felt so many body aches in my life. I went to the Doctor and in the end was put on a drip. My BP was too low and my body was dehydrated. The Friday night's racing went straight out the window.

I started feeling better and rode the SA Grand Prix that Saturday. I could feel I was sick and didn't feel I had my "kick" but I managed to stick it out and won all my racing.

Our trip started out with a flat tyre on the plane, so our flight was delayed by more than 2 hours. We missed our connecting flight in Dubai because of the delay and had to spend another 6 hours at Dubai international airport waiting for the next flight out.

We finally landed in Heathrow and then made our journey to Newport, Wales where we will be based for the first week. Training is quite tough with two sessions a day. The track is really fast. It's my first time on the wooden boards so I'm enjoying myself a lot! This trip is also extra special because I get to share this with Theuns vd Bank, my boyfriend. We both got selected for the SA team.

On Saturday and Sunday I will be racing the Revolution series. It's an awesome event and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to race this event.

The following week is the World Cup from 1-3 November. I hope I have some legs left after all this training and the racing, hehe! Looking forward to it!!

Before I say cheers, have a listen to my interview that I had with Brad on cycletalk sa here -

Cheers guys


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