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The States

I am currently racing in the states in Trexlertown, PA, USA, as I write this.

This was made possible through my team Intellibus and individuals from They heard my story and everybody contributed to making this happen. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to train overseas, and the generosity of the cycling community made it all possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Unfortunately, just after receiving so many donations, I started getting some muscle problems that set me back a lot. I couldn't do my intensity training that I needed to do and fell behind on my own training program.

But with a lot of physio (thanks to Bodyandbike Centre) I was off in one piece.

I arrived on the Monday evening after a 37 hour trip. The following day was my first race. Wow, it was soooo fast!

I was way under geared. I got a 6th place and the rest of the racing I was just nowhere. It was/is really hard racing with big bunches which vary between 16 and 25 riders and tactically itís very difficult and challenging. Luckily I love tactics and now I just need to learn to race from the front and not be scared.

Friday night racing. Now this is where the action really happens. Friday night racing is called The World series of bicycle racing. You get points awarded every Friday and then the series runs for a whole three months.

My first Friday racing was again disappointing, I just donít have the speed to match these ladies. I came 7th.

I was disappointed, but everyone tried to encourage me and keep going.

A week later, with some smaller racing in-between, another Friday night race was here. This time I put on a bigger gear and felt a lot better.

I won one of my heats, got a 4th and 5th and came 5th in the Omnium. The omnium is the overall evening's racing to determine prize money.

I've got a couple of races this week and then a big one. A race to get UCI points. There are two races in the series. Friday the 16th and Friday the 30th.

Holding thumbs I will do well.

Thanks for the support!


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